The Streets of Veracruz

By John Todd, Jr.

Sir Weetman Pearson

"Sir Weetman Pearson"
Veracruz, Ver.

On the middle jetty are monuments to Pearson and Sons, the EPC contractors on the dockworks, the brave workers, the divers, and even the huge formed stones from a quarry near Penuela, Veracruz.

Pearson´s Plaque

"Witnesses of the Future"
Veracruz, Ver.

"The British Contrator, Sir Weetman D. Pearson, presents to then President Porfirio Díaz, the project that cristalizes the modernization of the dock of the artificial port of Veracruz. Witnessed by the Mexican government federal engineer assigned to the project."

This was a magnificent project initiated and coordinated during the administration of Veracruz Mayor Don Domingo Bureau. When construction began he resigned his post as mayor to personally supervise the project.