Diving In Veracruz
Warm Water and Palm Trees
Many Islands and Reefs to Explore

Photographs and Text by John Todd, Jr.

Veracruz: Clear Blue Waters
The sea and beaches are fascinating, especially the clear blue, or green waters. You can imagine what Jacques Cousteau must have felt like when he came to Mexico!

The Mexican Caribbean is known for it´s spectacular green waters. Because of that, the popular places are overcrowded and commercialized. Not many foreign tourists come to the Gulf Coast of Veracruz, and you can have the pick of the dive shops in the area.

Within 20 minutes of the port of Veracruz are clear blue waters, that have a wide variety of marine life, and historic places to dive. Further south, in the area around Antón Lizardo is another great area to dive. None of the places around Veracruz are crowded and you have a lot of freedom to explore on your own.

There are also 6 or 7 dive shops which offer diving service for recreation or for industrial and commercial purposes.

Gulf Map
The Gulf of Mexico
The Southern Gulf of Mexico
The Gulf of Mexico is known for its warm waters, palm trees, and beaches.

The drive from Brownsville, Texas to Veracruz takes about 12 hours, and much of the drive, especially south of Tuxpan, Veracruz, is alongside some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

As you drive south and get closer to Veracruz, you begin to notice the water is clearer and has less sand than the beaches in Texas.

The best waters in Mexico are on the Caribbean side around the island of Cozumel and Cancun. They are a bright green.

But, the problem is that I have become used to having it all to myself.

And maybe that´s what I like about Veracruz. Not many tourists from outside the country have discovered this area yet.
El Tridente Diving
Photo Courtesy of Gonzalo Estrada, El Tridente, Veracruz, Ver.
Lots of Reefs and Islands Close By
There are a lot of places for to dive and explore around Veracruz.

Islands and reefs with coral and fish as well as several shipwrecks.

The reef system is part of the "Sistema Arrecifal Veracruzano" and is designated a Marine National Park.
Photo Courtesy of Gonzalo Estrada, El Tridente, Veracruz, Ver.
Interesting Diving Trips to Nearby Areas
South of Veracruz is Roca Partida and the nearby "Blue Hole" which has been relatively unexplored by tourists.

Now that the highway has been paved to Montepío, more people will be going to this area to dive.

Many ships have sunk the almost 5 centuries of history around the port of Veracruz.

Most of the dive shops know a lot about animal and plant life on the many reefs around Veracruz, too.

They also know what to watch out for.
News Paper
The Wreck of the Hidalgo
A Newspaper Clipping
On the wall in one of the dive shops used to be an old newspaper clipping.

The date is March 22, 1912. The night before two ships, the Yucatan and the Hidalgo collided.

It says $5,000 pesos in cash from the Postal Service and $13,000 pesos in merchandise were aboard.

The Hidalgo was in a hurry with passengers aboard fleeing to Yucatan from the violence of the beginnings of the Mexican Revolution.

There are lots of old sunken ships like this around Veracruz
Wreck of the Ana Elena
The Wreck of the Ana Elena
Photo Courtesy of Gonzalo Estrada, El Tridente, Veracruz, Ver.
Sunken Ships around Veracruz
Here´s a list of some of the shipwrecks around Veracruz and their locations.

Ship Reef Depth
Ana Elena Anegada 12 mts.
Valiente Cabezas 10-12 mts.
Patrullera El Rizo 28-30 mts.
El Rielero Topatillo 10-33 mts.
USS Tacoma Blanquilla 3-10 mts.
El Hidalgo Pajaros and Isla Verde 30 mts.
Riva Palacio Anegada and Isla Verde 28 mts.

The Reefs and Islands Around Veracruz
Reefs and Islands Around Veracruz

Submarine Diving
Clear Water Diving
Photo Courtesy of Gonzalo Estrada, Veracruz, Ver.
Submarine Diving
Clear Water Diving
Photo Courtesy of Gonzalo Estrada, Veracruz, Ver.
Photo Courtesy of Gonzalo Estrada, Veracruz, Ver.
Reefs Surround the City of Veracruz
The port of Veracruz is surrounded by coral reefs and lots of places to dive.

In your spare time you can snorkel around anywhere on your own. There are lots of places to explore.

In most cases, you can park your car, and just jump in the water.

If you want to go out in a boat, you will need an experienced guide who can save you time, and show you the best in the area,
El Tridente Diving
Anegada Reef
Photo Courtesy of Gonzalo Estrada, Veracruz, Ver.
The Reef System Around Veracruz
The reef system around Veracruz is a vast complex of interactive marine life.

Of coral, crabs, and fish that depend on each other.

If you don´t plan your trip to Veracruz during the busy holidays you can have the whole reef system to yourself.

Scubaver Dive Shop
Gonzalo and his dive shop are no longer around, and I went to the Scubaver Dive Shop and talked to Joseph.

It´s not far from Gonzalo´s old shop near the Yacht Club, in front of the Hotel Mar y Tierra.

You can find out more about them on their web site

About the most I´ve ever done is snorkel, and maybe now it´s time to go give it a try again!

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