Crosses of the Knights Templar on
The Niña, Pinta, and the Santa María

Museums are the beginning, and only tell part of the story.

In old Veracruz, there are many stories that are just as interesting as the Da Vinci Code.

Creative writing is a lot of fun.

It´s where you can filling the missing pieces yourself.

These are some of the projects I´ve been working on.

Some of them may be true.

Clues and Mysteries of the Past
Chucho el Roto: A Mexican Robin Hood: The 19th Century Legend is still Alive today at the old fort of San Juan de Ulua in Veracruz. (The Second Edition Now on Sale at San Juan de Ulua!)

The Origin of the Song La Bamba: It´s the story someone told me in Veracruz. (Now on Sale at San Juan de Ulua!)

The Legacy of the Knights Templar in Mexico: The clues that Nicolas Cage missed and What Became of their Treasure?

The Wreck of the USS Somers near Veracruz in 1846: A Strange Notation on an Old Map found in San Francisco and Some Unexplained Questions.