Tampico is probably the best place to work and live in all of Mexico.

The people are easy going, courteous and nice, and they drive friendly.

Tampico got going with the oil boom of the early 1900´s.

You can still see glimpses of the Golden Age in the buildings downtown.

Here are some stories I heard when I lived and worked in Tampico.

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Tampico during the Oil Boom

Stories about Tampico in the Old Days:

From the Book: "En El Tampico Aquel" by María Antonia Alanis de Salazar

Doña Rosa, the French Girl: She came to Tampico and lived happily in the little town of San Antonio Rayon. Each year, she would come to Tampico in her boat to enjoy the "pastorelas".

Don Pepe: A Charming Smuggler who was Loved by Everyone in Tampico.

The Tampico Oil Boom: People Came from Everywhere to get Rich! And they did.

New Businesses During the Oil Boom: Making a Fortune Selling Limeade.

The Story of Nieves: A Girl who was Abandoned and Later Lived Happily Ever After.

Times of Danger: The Mexican Revolution Comes to Tampico.

The Major´s Wardrobe Closet: A Gruesome Story about the Mexican Revolution.

The Girls Who Used to be Ugly: How the Daughters of a Poor Fisherman Became Beautiful.

From Cattle Thief to Marquis: How a Rich Cattle Rustler Became Legal.