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Where Hernán Cortes Landed
Quiahuiztlán and Villa Rica
The First Veracruz
Veracruz has a Special Charm that´s like the French Quarter in Old Downtown New Orleans.

There´s also beaches, pyramids, and a lot of unexplored historical places.

It´s also about an hour and a half from Houston.

When you come to Veracruz, it´s best to know what to look for and so you´ll need to get organized to make the most of your time.

If You Want to See Everything...
Here´s Where to Start!
Do It Yourself!

Day 1. A Short Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Veracruz: An Easy Guide and Map to Print before you leave home.

Day 2. How to Get to Quiahuiztlán/Villa Rica, Cempoala, and Antigua, Veracruz: If You Come to Veracruz You Shouldn´t Miss These Places. How to Get There On Your Own.

A Menu of other things to Do. Before you come to Veracruz, Getting Organized.

A Quick Guide for Cruise Professionals and Tourists of Things to Do and Places to See. Veracruz: A Good Port in a Storm.

Sunburn and Insect Bites: A Couple of Easy Remedies I´ve Found that Work.

Veracruz is not well known: Out of the main stream of Foreign Tourists. You have it all to yourself.

Planning Your Trip Around the Weather: The Weather During the Year in Veracruz.