Besides Work, Daily Life in Mexico is about Celebrations, Friends, and Fun. It´s the Best Part of Life!


Listen to the Sounds of Mexico Here: Live Mexican Music Lifts the Heart. Video Clips.

El Danzón: The Romance of Veracruz Since the days the steamships used to call. It´s the music and the dance of Veracruz that have been preserved for over a 100 years.

The Origin of the Song La Bamba: It´s the story someone told me in Veracruz.

El Origen de la Canción La Bamba: Una Leyenda que me contaron en Veracruz.

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Don Hector´s Birthday Party
A Quinceañera Fiesta in Veracruz: Traditions: Tamales, Menudo, and Música Tropical in a Small Town.

Fiesta in Cardel!: An invitation to a small town Fiesta. Friends, Live Music, Vendedores Ambulantes, and Fun!

Another Great Fiesta in Cardel: Friends, Live Music, and Café de Olla. Life in Mexico at its Best!

A Grand Parade!: It´s El 16 de Septiembre in Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca

Want to know the value of the peso?: Just ask my barber, "Miguelito".

Yecapixtla, Morelos: "Boing!" and "Pato Pascual" at a Real Mexican Restaurant in an out of the way little town.

The Veracruz Seafood Market and Restaurants: Tired of Sport Fishing? You might want come here for some real seafood.

Pico de Gallo Sauce: Once you get back home, here´s a great recipe for Pico de Gallo Sauce that you can make in about 5 minutes and it goes great with anything!

Charros, Charreadas, and Escaramuzas: A Distant Cousin to the Rodeo. A Family Tradition since 1519.

The Three Magician Kings: January 6, and the Rosca de Reyes.

El Día de los Muertos in Veracruz: Death is Part of Life in Mexico Beautiful flowers and lots of good food. Not what I thought it would be.


San Judas Tadeo:Prayers for Miracles, and to Find a Job : Mexico is a Land of Miracles. Tools for Times when you need Special Help. Also, Letters and Testimonials from Others about their own personal Miracles.

El Santo Niño de Atocha in Zacatecas: The Last Thing to Die is Hope.

Cuyucuenda: An Unknown Village near Veracruz and Miracles: A Search that Began on a Side Street in Veracruz.

Otatitlán, Veracruz: Home of "El Cristo Negro". A Tropical Paradise.

Juquila, Oaxaca: An Unexpected Pilgrimage to see the Virgin of Juquila, Patron Saint of Oaxaca.