Exploring out of the way places in Mexico makes the blood flow faster.

Here are some of the places I have enjoyed:


Diving in Veracruz: Clear Blue Water and Palm Trees. Tropical Islands, Sunken Ships, and Reefs. 20 Minutes from Shore.

Today I Found a Copper Nail...: Maybe Tomorrow I´ll Find a Spanish Doubloon...

Buried Treasure around Veracruz: Looking for The Veracruz Triangle. (I Overspent my Monthly Budget...)

Playa Hermosa
Montepío, Veracruz: My Favorite Beach on the Gulf Coast. It´s because You Are the Only One There

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The Train in El Camarón, Veracruz
Paradise Found! Easter Sunday trip with friends to Roca Partida and Playa Hermosa

A Mexican Bus Trip: Return to Roca Partida and Playa Hermosa

Along the Papaloapan River
Escape from the Shawshank Redemption: Pineapple Stands and Shrimp Boats, A Sunday Trip to Alvarado!

A Sunday Trip to Tlacotalpan: The Pearl of the Papaloapan.

Otatitlán, Veracruz: Home of "El Cristo Negro". A Tropical Paradise.

Other Nearby Places

Cuyucuenda: An Unknown Village near Veracruz and Miracles: Exploring the Back Roads around Veracruz. A Search that Began on a Side Street in Veracruz.

Searching for a Lost Hacienda: La Estanzuela: The Clue was an Old 17th Century Map on a Writing Desk Found at a Museum in Puebla.

Mandinga, Veracruz: Music, Seafood, and Fun! A Good Place for Lunch and the Essence of Veracruz

La Costa Esmeralda de Veracruz: Quiet Beaches and Swaying Palm Trees. The Gulf Coast of Veracruz in the Dead of Winter. A Refuge from the Cold.

Misantla, Veracruz: A Picturesque Small Town Outside the Main Stream. Remnants of a past empire.

The Hot Springs at El Carrizal: Originally an old Hacienda, remodeled for the EcoTourist. Home of VerAventuras and Rafting at Jalcomulco.

Lake Catemaco, Eyipantla Falls, and Nanciyaga: Los Tuxtlas, and the Olmecs. Sean Connerys "Medicine Man" wasn´t filmed in Brazil. Not far from Veracruz.

Meeting the Hawk Stalkers of Veracruz: Looking for Migrating Raptors in the small town of Cardel, Veracruz.

Further Away

North to Chihuahua!: A New Project Deep in the Sierra Madre Mountains. A Special Job that´s not for Just Anybody

The Mystery of Vanilla:. Why Coke and Pepsi are Different, Found in Papantla, Veracruz.

Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca: Surviving Car Trouble in the Land of the Cloud People.

La China Poblana: The Slave Girl from India Who Brought Color to Mexico.

Juquila, Oaxaca: Lost in the Mountains of Oaxaca. An Unexpected Pilgrimage to the Virgin of Juquila.

Tuxpan, Veracruz: Life on the Gulf of Mexico, and a 100 Year Flood.