Veracruz is where the first Europeans set foot on the American Continent

The Empire of Spain was the richest empire in the world. In fact, it was the richest empire in the history of humanity.

For about 300 years, Spanish ships were on every ocean. New Spain, later renamed Mexico in 1814, was the key piece in this Spanish Empire, and Veracruz was the center of traffic and logistics of this great empire.

Veracruz has an important place in the history of many countries. It was also the takeoff point for the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind.

History is only a Collection of Legends
Veracruz is a Vast Outdoor Museum. Only there aren´t any labels.

And you have to do a lot of your own homework.

Here are some of my explorations into the legends of the past.

Still, I think I've missed a lot.


Four Places Called Veracruz: A History of Veracruz.

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The Silence of the Spanish Guns of Fort Santiago in Veracruz

Fossils of Elephants, Flamingos, and Camels Tracks at 6,000 ft. Prehistoric Mexico in Tepexi de Rodriguez, Puebla.

The Flying "Voladores de Papantla": A Performance of Precolumbian Traditions at the Pyramids in Cempoala, Veracruz.

1500-1800´s: When Veracruz was part of New Spain

Cotaxtla, Veracruz: Looking for the Final Resting Place of the Ensign Nun. Born in Spain around 1590, Catalina de Erauzu died near Veracruz in 1650. A trip to Cuautinchán, Puebla to explore an abandoned Spanish convent.

The Legends of Convents and Old Tunnels in Colonial Veracruz: Maybe Nicolas Cage should have filmed "National Treasure" in Veracruz.

A Panoramic Map of the State of Veracruz: A Bird´s Eye View.

There were 3 Places Called Veracruz
1. The First Veracruz: Villa Rica 1519-1523 : Base Camp of the Conquistadores. Quiahuiztlán: The Tombstones and a Mountain that protects them. A Magnificent view high above the Gulf of Mexico. Now empty and quiet.

2. The Second Veracruz: Antigua, Veracruz 1523-1600: Once A Safe Harbor. After Moctezuma´s Gold, now a Quiet Village.

3. The Third Veracruz: San Juan de Ulúa 1600-1825: Where Ghosts of Pirates still lurk among the shadows

The Forgotten Lady of the Staircase at San Juan de Ulua and Other Mysteries: The Forgotten Saints who Protected the Early Sailors in Veracruz. New information: the lost statue from Veracruz might be in a town in the Philippines. The mystery is how it got there.

The Camino Real Began and Ended in Veracruz: In Veracruz there were 3 Camino Reals and Veracruz was Mexico´s and the Philippines Link to Spain.

John Hawkins and Francis Drake in Veracruz: Tragedy for the English Buccaneers in 1568. Some of the Survivors Walked From Tampico to Canada.

Yanga, Veracruz: Established near Córdoba in 1618. The First Free Town for Slaves in America. The Tamales were good, too! New Research Sources Examined.

Congolese Towns Near Veracruz: Driving the Countryside around Veracruz. Looking for African Roots.

La China Poblana: The Slave Girl from India Who Brought Color to Mexico.

The Origin of the Song La Bamba: It´s the story someone told me in Veracruz.

A Mysterious Jesuit Trail in 1600, a Third Camino Real in Veracruz:

1. Background: "Ghost Friars" Along The Jesuit Trail in Veracruz: From the Highlands to Paso de Ovejas. The Jesuits and their Banishment from Mexico.

2. The End of the Search: Paso de Ovejas, Veracruz: The End of the Jesuit Trail in Veracruz.

3. The Search for San Bartolomé: The Pigeons of the City might be Clues to the Past

4. The Mystery of an Old Map: Searching for the Answers in the old Ruins at Paso de Ovejas, Veracruz

5. Mata de los Toros: The Site of an Ambush near Paso de Ovejas

6. Hacienda de los Morales and el Ejido "El Limon": Stops Along the Old Camino Real

7. The Coastal Hacienda of El Angostillo: The Next Stop Along the Old Camino Real

8. Acazonica: The Headquarters for the Jesuit Sheep Trail

9. The Hacienda el Coyol: Searching for the Old Camino Real

10. A Magnificent Bridge in the Jungle: Over the Panoaya River, The Missing Link on the Camino Real

11. Tlacotepec de Mejía: Jesuit Trail in Veracruz: The Boom for Wool in Spain is Over and the Jesuit Missionaries are gone. Now a Quiet Village Nestled Among the Coffee Plantations and the Cinnamon Trees.

12. At Last the Search is Over: San Bartolomé is Found: It's now a tiny Village High in the Mountains

1750-1800: Restlessness in New Spain

Stories about an Old Downtown Building during Pre-Independence in Veracruz:

An Unknown Church in Veracruz and a Lost Treasure : Brought to Life by Documents found in Spain and Mexico.

Other Lost Treasures: The Liquidation of Jesuit Buildings in Downtown Veracruz after 1767 : Brought to Life by Documents found in Spain.

Forgotten Drama in Veracruz: La Escuela Patriótica de Veracruz: Brought to Life by Documents found in Spain and Mexico.

The British are Coming! To Veracruz! (We need to fix the Cannons...): Brought to Life by Documents found in Spain and Mexico.

1800-1900´s: New Spain becomes México

Stories of Independence in Veracruz:
The Miracle of Doña Magdalena: A Love Story for those who wait and hope. Mexican Insurgent Col. Peter Bean happened to be an American.

Peter Ellis Bean in Banderilla, Veracruz : A Second Search for the Texan´s Final Resting Place in a small village in Mexico in 1845.

The Lost Port of Boquilla de Piedras: Destroyed during Independence and now forgotten on a coastal plain near Veracruz.

The Search for Santa Anna´s Lost Haciendas
Puente del Rey(now Puente Nacional) The Beginning of the Search: Local People Call this Santa Anna´s Hacienda Manga de Clavo, But it´s Not.

Hacienda "Manga de Clavo" A False Alarm.: Found: The First Airport in Veracruz and a Horse Stables. The Search Continues for Santa Anna´s Lost Hacienda.

Hacienda "Manga de Clavo" Found!: Santa Anna´s Lost Hacienda is Found at Last.

Hacienda "Boca del Monte" Found!: Another Remote Hacienda owned by Santa Anna. Bullet holes from a firing squad during the Mexican Revolution in the wall of the patio. A Home Tour of an Old Hacienda by the Owners and New Friends.

The Hacienda El Lencero: The Best Known of Santa Anna´s Haciendas, now a beautiful Museum.

Found at Last: Paso de Varas: Santa Anna´s Last Hacienda at Puente Nacional.

The French in Veracruz:
El Camarón, Veracruz: The Defeat of the French Foreign Legion, and a train wreck that saved the National Treasury.

The French Remember El Camarón, Veracruz: April 30. A trip to pay personal homage to the Legionaires who died in El Camarón, Veracruz

The Wall in El Camarón, Veracruz: Helping out with Historical Accuracy for a Film. A Request from Viacom Productions doing a movie for Showtime.

El Camarón, Veracruz: The French Foreign Legion Monument Revisited.

Stories of a Forgotten Mayor:
Domingo Bureau, Mayor of Veracruz. A Gothic Mystery: Loved by the people in his day, but now Erased from History.

  • Don Domingo Bureau, Alcalde de Veracruz. Amado por su pueblo en su día, pero hoy un hombre olvidado.

  • Ciriaco Vázquez Park: An Unexpected Letter Arrives.

  • Reino Mágico: The Old Cemetery Converted into an Amusement Park. The Final Resting Place Among the Happy Families Who Come to Relax.
  • Chucho El Roto: The Robin Hood of Mexico
    Chucho el Roto: A Mexican Robin Hood: The 19th Century Legend is still Alive today at the old fort of San Juan de Ulua in Veracruz. (Now in Print and on Sale at San Juan de Ulua!)

  • Chucho el Roto: El Héroe Popular de San Juan de Ulua: Una Leyenda del Siglo IXX Vive Aún en San Juan de Ulua en Veracruz.

    20th Century:

    A Forgotten Mystery: An FBI Badge Lost in Veracruz: And the Legend of a German Submarine sunk near Montepío.

    The Rebellion of the Cristeros: As Devastating as the Mexican Revolution

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